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Everybody Wins with Universal Design for Learning is a Course

Everybody Wins with Universal Design for Learning


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Full course description

Course Introduction

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) established a framework for designers that should be considered while creating your online courses.  UDL is a proactive approach to ensure all users can access, use, and benefit from via equal or nearly equal methods--regardless of socioeconomic status, temporary or permanent disability, or ethnicity.  UDL ensures learners are provided with the means to have a successful learning experience.  In an online course, especially a self-paced course, that means we must take extra care to provide not only successful and engaging learning opportunities, but also a course that is easy to navigate, easy to view and hear, and easy to use.   

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe a minimum of three types of disabilities that benefit from Universal Design
  • Identify five essential accessibility requirements
  • List the seven steps to create an accessible course
  • Identify additional digital accessibility resources

Module Topics

The modules in this course include:

  • What is Universal Design for Learning?
  • Accessibility Guidelines
  • Clean up course navigation
  • Be Inclusive
  • Include Accessible Documents and Presentations
  • Include Fallback Options for Media
  • Tag Images with Alt Text
  • Take your course on a mobile test drive
  • Final Thoughts and Resources

Meet the Instructor 

Jessica Gordon, PhD

Curriculum Consultant, Canvas Administrator
University of Missouri Extension
103E Whitten Hall | Columbia, MO 65211

(573) 884-3177 |




Length: 3 hours


Learning and Teaching Services

Credit: Certificate

Audience: All MU Extension faculty.  The principles of Universal Design for Learning apply to all types of digital communication from infographics and social media to online courses.